POI has the vision to promote open geospatial data for sustainable development and capacity building for the community​

Pekumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia aims to create a vibrant community of OpenStreetMap contributors and users in Indonesia and provide a platform where members can exchange ideas and support each other.

In the years to come, we hope to fully map the country on OpenStreetMap and to strongly advocate for its use within different groups. This can only be done sustainably by mapping while applying OSM in creating solutions that we face locally.

Through collaboration projects, we will create an open and diverse community of OpenStreetMap contributors in Indonesia, develop and support local initiatives that are aimed at improving OpenStreetMap in Indonesia, and promote the use of open data, including OpenStreetMap and FOSS in Indonesia. We hope to engage with different organizations, communities and government institutions as we continue to grow.

Support its vision, POI has three missions:

  • Promote the utilization of open geospatial data through spatial analysis to produce accurate and accessible local information for the public that is up-to-date
  • Build the capacity of people from various sectors, including community members at the grassroots level, open-source communities, and universities as agents of change
  • Data innovation using free and open-source software to produce high-quality data and remain relevant in responding to community needs.


In 2011, Perkumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia (POI), a non-profit organization that emphasizes humanitarian efforts and capacity building using the FREE and OPEN mapping platform OpenStreetMap, initiated a project in Indonesia. The project aimed to promote awareness regarding the significance of spatial data in disaster risk reduction and to establish a local OpenStreetMap community.

In the span of 6 years, we have persistently worked towards encouraging the adoption of OpenStreetMap among community members through diverse training initiatives and regional mapping endeavors across Indonesia.

In 2017, we took a step further by establishing a local entity known as the ‘Perkumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia’ or POI. With the same objectives, POI is positioned further to advance the promotion of free and open geospatial data to address various societal needs in Indonesia.


Disaster Risk Reduction

Sustainable Cities

Gender Equality

Water and Sanitation




Yantisa Akhadi

Dewan Pengawas - Cartography Strategy and Partnership Manager at Gojek

Faizal Thamrin

Ketua Dewan Pengawas - Humanitarian Data Advisor at Pulse Lab Jakarta

Fredy Chandra

Dewan Pengawas - Climate Resilience-Disaster Risk Reduction

Accessible, Quality, Open Geospatial Data for All