Exploring Training Initiatives and Participatory Mapping Series in Dagesime Magepanda and Ria Wajo Watersheds

Water is the essence of life, sustaining all living organisms on our planet. However, uncontrolled water flow can pose serious threats, leading to flooding and potential damage to homes and buildings. To address this challenge, watersheds play a crucial role. Also known as drainage basins, watersheds are regions of land where water collects and streams into larger bodies of water, ensuring a controlled flow.

Community-Driven Handwashing Stations in Response to COVID-19

Indonesia confirmed its first cases of COVID-19 on 2 March 2020, when a dance instructor and her mother tested positive after arriving from Japan. The country encountered significant difficulties in containing the virus due to its large population, high population density in specific regions, and limited healthcare resources in certain areas. Consequently, by 9 April 2020, the pandemic had reached all 34 provinces in Indonesia. As of 5 June 2023, Indonesia has reported 6,812,127 COVID-19 cases, the second highest in Southeast Asia. Regarding fatalities, Indonesia ranks second in Asia and ninth globally, with 161,879 deaths recorded.

Distribution of lake locations in Jabodetabek-Punjur (OpenStreetMap contributors, 2022; Perkumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia, 2022)

Engaging the Crowd: Mapping Lakes in Jabodetabek-Punjur for Flood Mitigation

Floods are a relatively common occurrence in Indonesia due to the country’s geographical location, climate patterns, and natural topography. Indonesia experiences riverine and coastal flooding, varying frequencies depending on the region. Over the years, the densely populated capital and its surrounding cities (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Puncak, and Cianjur or Jabodetabek-Punjur) have experienced catastrophic flooding, most recently in 2020.

Memetakan Ketahanan Masyarakat di Indonesia

Memetakan Ketahanan Masyarakat di Indonesia Kami baru saja meluncurkan sebuah video yang menampilkan kerja Ushahidi di Indonesia dan bagaimana kita dapat menemukan ketahanan (resilience) di tempat-tempat yang tidak terduga; menggunakan kekuatan data terbuka untuk menghubungkan warga dengan pemerintah kota; dan bagaimana masyarakat adalah bagian dari gerakan untuk memelihara ekosistem teknologi Read more…