Improving OpenStreetMap Quality Through MapRoulette

OpenStreetMap is a world map that is free and open, allowing anyone to add, edit, and download its data. With its free and open nature, the data available is very rich because anyone can contribute. Just imagine, people all over the world collaborating to edit OpenStreetMap, making its data so up-to-date as it can be updated in real-time! However, on the other hand, some people doubt the quality of the OpenStreetMap data itself because even those unfamiliar with mapping can contribute to it. To ensure the quality of OpenStreetMap data, many platforms can help us improve it, and one of them is MapRoulette.

MapRoulette is microtasking for OpenStreetMap that connects mappers from around the world to improve OpenStreetMap data through pre-defined challenges. In each challenge on MapRoulette, there is only one task to correct a specific type of error in OpenStreetMap data. This is what is known as microtasking. With the microtasking approach, mappers of all levels can complete tasks quickly. Microtasking is different from the Tasking Manager, where contributors are required to complete one grid, taking a considerable amount of time. The Tasking Manager is not specifically designed to fix specific features in large areas but to complete unmapped objects in OpenStreetMap. Additionally, MapRoulette is already integrated with the iD Editor and Java OpenStreetMap (JOSM), making it easier for contributors to complete the challenges available.

Currently, there are over four million challenges from all over the world. One of the challenges in Indonesia is the “Update Nama Desa dan Dusun di Provinsi Jawa Tengah, Indonesia” (Update Village and Hamlet Names in Central Java Province, Indonesia) challenge ( This challenge aims to update OpenStreetMap data, especially the names of villages in Central Java Province, Indonesia. The reference data used for updating is sourced from the Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG), the Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia.

This challenge is recommended for Advanced Mappers or contributors who have been using OpenStreetMap for a considerable period. The way to participate in this challenge is quite simple. You are required to log in first using your OpenStreetMap account.

Next, you can find this challenge by typing “update village name” in the search column, or simply by clicking on Since this challenge has references from the National Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), you are required to download it first at

In this challenge, you are advised to edit using JOSM to produce more accurate data. After the data from the OpenStreetMap server appears, add the village name data references from BIG, and then edit the names if there are any differences. Easy, right?

If you are interested in contributing to improve the data quality in OpenStreetMap, you can directly try various challenges available in MapRoulette. You can choose any challenges you want to fix. Happy Mapping!

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