Workshop of Establishment of Point of Interest for Flood-Prone Areas Communities in Pluit Village, Jakarta


Establishment of flood POI  (Point of Interest) project at Pluit Village which has been initiated by UNESCO and supported by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) still continued. After Establishment of POI Training in Pluit Village has been finished, the next activity is Workshop Establishment of POI at Pluit Village.

The Establishment of POI Workshop was being held in Pluit Village on November 20th, 2013. This event invited all related sector, training participants or government representatives such as RW, Pluit Village, Sub-District and Students from SMK N 56 Pluit. The main purpose of this workshop is to present the result from POI training that was held on September 25th to October 2nd,  2013.

The workshop start at 10.00 AM and started with opening remark by Mr. Sahril as Pluit village representative. It is then followed by presentation about UNESCO POI Mapping Project by Ms. Nina Marlena. In her presentation, she said “UNESCO POI Mapping Project has been held all over the world like in Kiberia, El Salvador, India and Indonesia. Pluit village have the honour to become  implementation area in Indonesia.”

Ibu Nina Marlena memberikan presentasi mengenai Pembentukan POI
Ms. Nina Marlena gave presentation about POI Mapping Project

The workshop then continues with presentation by HOT about What is POI in Pluit village and about POI training in Pluit village along with the result. Based on evaluation and score of all participants, these are the results :

  • Knowledge and mapping skills using OpenStreetMap (OSM) was increased and many POI mapped in Pluit Village merged into OSM
  • Knowledge and mapping skills on photovoice was increased and flood photovoice website of Pluit Village was published, complete with photos, videos, and/or comments/description of the POI in Pluit village
  • Participants knowledge about how to participate in flood mitigation were increased
  • Participants understanding on the use of maps in flood prevention efforts were increased
Pemaparan Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Pelatihan POI di Kelurahan Pluit oleh HOT
Presentation on POI Training in Pluit village by Elida Nurrohmah from HOT

The workshop then continued with a little demo to show how to input POI data collected in the field to the OpenStreetMap website and Pluit flood crowdmap. This includes POI photos taken by training participants. The presentation was done by representative of Pluit Village represented by Mr. Yudi from Muara Angke and Mr. Awid of RW 05 Pluit.

Mr. Yudi and Mr. Awid demonstrate Material of POI Training to the Workshop Participants

In addition to POI establishment training in Pluit village, UNESCO and HOT also conduct POI training to senior high school students in SMK Negeri 56 Pluit on June 8 to October 10, 2013. Therefore in this workshop there are also presentation on how the POI training was done in Pluit 56, presented by HOT. On the SMK N 56 training, other than taking POI in the field, students were also taught how to take a POI photo technique, called photovoice. After HOT presentation, there was a demonstration by the students SMK Negeri 56 on how to input the report into the crowdmap site and tell couple of stories on POI photos that had been taken in the field.


Presentation on POI Training Activities in SMK Negeri 56 Pluit and Demonstration by SMK Negeri 56 Students
picisto-20131121021628-743377Participants look enthusiastic in the Workshop

The workshop then continued with certificates handover to the participants by the Pluit Deputy village chief, Mr Depica and also to close the workshop.

Penyerahan Sertifikat Pelatihan oleh Bapak Depica kepada Peserta Pelatihan
Handover of Certificates of POI Traning by Mr. Depica to the participants

These are crowdmap website as a results from POI Training in Pluit Village and SMK N 56 :


Some examples of results from POI Training shown in the workshop