Point of Interest (POI) Training Workshop in BPBD DKI Jakarta Office

Training Point of Interest in Pluit Village organized by UNESCO and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia has finally reached the end of the activity. The training started from activities POI Training in Pluit Village then followed by training at SMK POI 56 for students / senior high school students and POI Training Workshop in Pluit Village Office and on December 30, 2013  at BPBD DKI Jakarta’s office Point of Interest (POI) Training Workshop in BPBD DKI Jakarta Office had been held and involving relevant agencies in Jakarta.

The purpose of this workshop is slightly different from the previous workshop that held in Pluit Village.  The workshop at the district level, in addition to describe the results of training activities, also discuss the benefits, sustainability, and follow-up plan of the results of the training in Pluit and Penjaringan Village also  Crowdmap POI of Pluit Village Websiter and Crowdmap POI of SMK 56 Website

The most interesting session of this workshop is session that discuss the benefits, sustainability, and follow-up of the training results. Some utilization idea delivered by  trainers, particularly in the field of disaster. Team trainers said that a digital map resulted from this activities, both on OSM site and photovoice – crowdmap site, can be used  either on pre-disaster or during disasters (emergency response).

Suasana Workshop Balaikota
Workshop Condition
Peserta memberikan masukan dan tanggapan terhadap  paparan yang disampaikan
Participants give responses and suggestions about the explanation

 (Source: HOT – UNESCO Documentation, 2013)

From the presentation provided by trainer and the representative of UNESCO,  Participants gave some feedbacks. In general, the workshop participants expressed appreciation for the mapping exercise has been carried out, and the good technology applied. However, participants also gave some notes. They ask about the parties should be involved. Who should update the data? Participants noted that this question is very important, since if everyone can update the data and without any controls/filtering about the data, then “who will be responsible for the data validity?”  According to those problems HOT already make 2 schemes for utilization of POI training results. Those schemes are Pre-Disasters Scheme and Emergency Respons Scheme

Skema Tahap Pra Bencana
Pre-Disaster Scheme
Skema Saat Banjir
Emergency Response (Flood) Scheme)

Some things that need to be done for the scheme are:

  • Move the application from HOT’s server to BPBD of Jakarta’s server
  • Create a link of the online map resulted from this activity to BPBD of Jakarta’s site and related agencies’s sites
  • Determine the administrator, who have the highest control of the application
  • Short training about how to operate and maintain the application
  • Publish and disseminate the application to the public