The 1st OSM Training of Trainers in the Philippines

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) with OpenStreetMap-ID  got a chance to assist the 1st OpenStreetMap Training of Trainers (OSM ToT) in the Philippines organized by OSM Philippine, Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC), and supported by World Bank, and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).  The purpose of this training is to create OSM trainers so people and community can conduct their own training with necessary skills, knowledges, and attitude.

During the pre-workshop (May 30th – June 1st, 2014), Emir and Adityo came to Manila for LearnOSM document hack and also creating framework for the ToT. They met Maning and Dianne from ESSC, Erwin and Julius from OSM-Ph. They spent 3 days to re-structure LearnOSM contents and also forming a framework for the ToT training. Then, a week later, Emir came back to Manila for assisting the ToT.


OSM-Id and OSM-Ph

The ToT itself, happened in June 10th until 13th. There are around 15 participants comes from government, NGO, and other interest. Most of them can catch all the materials really good. Here is how the training went based on the framework:

Day 1: Understanding to OpenStreetMap

Day 2: Spatial Data Collection

Day 3: Data Processing in OpenStreetMap

Day 4: Training of Trainers


At the end of day 3, the organizer also held “intimate” dinner at Wooden Spoon. Most of food here are Filipino traditional. They are also got a chance to meet some people behind OSM-Ph (who cannot attend the training).


For day 1 until day 3, most of materials are technical. On the last day, the participants taught by Ria about Adult Learning, or how to teach or facilitate adult. This is important for them, as most of OSM workshop participants are usually older than the facilitator. And the way adult learn is different with kids or children.


The training is quite successful as people are really excited to use or teach OSM in their community. HOT and OSM-ID are glad to assist them and hopefully we can collaborate more in near future 🙂

All the training materials, modules, and tools are open and available here: