Enhancing Youth Participation in the Development of Bandung City through Ushahidi Platform

Over a year, the Safe and Sound Cities (S2Cities) program has been implemented in Bandung City. This program aims to increase youth participation in building a safe and comfortable Bandung City for their future. With this concept, youth are actively involved, even influencing the decision-making processes for urban development policies. There are many ways in which youth can contribute to this process, ranging from small-scale initiatives to larger ones. Individual youth, as well as youth communities in Bandung, also can participate in this program.

Collaboration of POI and Wikimedia to hold a competition called GALACTICO.

Promoting Indonesia’s historical places through digital mapping with GLAM

The United Nations Agency for Culture, Science, and Education (UNESCO) has recognized Indonesia for owning various heritages and cultures. Thus, thousands of museums, monuments, and historical places are located in Indonesia to display heritage items, tell the Indonesian heroes’ struggle, and commemorate Indonesia’s great leaders and achievements. Indeed, Indonesia’s cultural Read more…

GLAM Training & Edit-a-thon in Bandung on February 13-14, 2023.

Empowering Youth for Cultural Heritage Preservation: GLAM Training & Editathon in Bandung, Indonesia

Since 2022, Perkumpulan OpenStreetMap Indonesia (POI) has been collaborating with Wikimedia Indonesia to increase public awareness of Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum (GLAM) objects in Indonesia, especially among youth. Several activities have been conducted, including a University Roadshow in several cities across the country and a Flash Mapping Competition at the end of 2022.

Membangun Pelibatan Pemuda, Pemenang Uni Battle Map HOT Menjadi Chapter YouthMappers Pertama di Indonesia

Membangun Pelibatan Pemuda, Pemenang Uni Battle Map HOT Menjadi Chapter YouthMappers Pertama di Indonesia Pemuda adalah mitra penting dalam menjalankan misi HOT. Kami bekerjasama dengan mahasiswa dan pemuda bahkan sejak pertama kali HOT memulai operasi di Indonesia. Pemuda adalah kelompok natif teknologi dan sangat cekatan dalam menyerap informasi baru, memproses Read more…

Uni Battle Mapping 2017

Uni Battle Mapping 2017 Sejak tahun 2014, kami mulai memperkenalkan platform pemetaan OpenStreetMap bagi kalangan akademisi dan mahasiswa di berbagai universitas di Indonesia. Hasilnya, OpenStreetMap mulai banyak digunakan sebagai pilihan platform pemetaan bebas terbuka serta menjadi alternatif penyedia data geospasial di Indonesia.  Untuk menjangkau kembali para akademisi dan mahasiswa, di Read more…