OSM Map on Garmin Device

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On Beginning OpenStreetMap manual, you have understand what is GPS device and how can GPS work as a tool for data collection. Some of GPS device have capability to showing maps, for example Garmin 60Csx, Garmin etrex vista, and also the recent one like Garmin GPSmap 62s, Garmin etrex 20/30.  Beside the standard map that might be included on your device, you also can display OSM map on your garmin GPS device. This will be an advantages for those who wants to do groundtrouth validation, more mapping, or navigating with your GPS device.


This guide will show you step-by-step how to download OSM map on Garmin map format for your Garmin GPS device.

A. Download Garmin Map Format

1. Open on your internet browser and wait until you can see a web page like this image below:




2. Before you can download, you have to define your request.  2


  • Choose your map type: choose Generic Routable
  • Include a TYP file (Optional): choose Mapnik
  • Choose predefined country: choose country you want to download
  • Perhaps you’d like to add some additional tiles?

By default, if you choose a country, the grid on the map display will block all box based on your country selection. If you don’t want to download the whole country, or if you want to download a specific area, you can check Enable manual tile selection. Click Reset Selection to re-select your area.


The strong blue color indicated area that you’ve selected. You can choose more than one grid. Click Reset Selection to re-select your area.

  • Request your map or download it directly:

Put your email address on this column. Please enter valid email address because you will receive link to download the map. Then, click Build my map and you will see this page




3. Now, go to your e-mail inbox, and look for an email like this:


It means, your request already in process. The duration of the process is depend on server load. You can check how long until the map ready to download if you click the link shown on the image above.




4. If your map is ready, then, you will receive 2nd email like this:


Click link provided and you will brought to a download page.


Please note: Your download link only valid for the next 72 hours after you received the 2nd email.



5. There are several formats that you can choose to download. If you have Garmin software such as Garmin MapSource or Garmin BaseCamp, you can download osm_generic_windows.exe if you’re using Windows.

For general use, download


B. Putting gmapsupp.img to your Garmin Device

1. Check that your Garmin is on Garmin Serial/Mass Storage Mode

2. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. Go to your microSD directory (for example H:/Garmin )


3. You will find a gmapsupp.img file. That is your base map file. You may want to create a back-up by moving it somewhere on your hard drive. Or if you don’t want to, you can replace this file with the new one that you have downloaded.


4. Extract and copy the file to your microSD card (example H:/Garmin)

5. Unplug your GPS device and turn on your GPS device, you will see that your standard map is replaced with OSM map!














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