Coming up: OpenStreetMap Indonesia Community Meet Up in Jakarta

The effort to provide free and open digital Map through OpenStreetMap will always remains unfinished. Why? Essentially, mapping is an effort to freeze the reality of space to symbolic representation in the form of maps. Due to the nature of space that changes over time, updating the map is an inevitable act. Unless, we invent a technology that could automatically trace the satellite imagery as aspired by many OSM contributors in Indonesia.

OpenStreetMap holds into free and open principles, so the geographic data within it is heavily dependent onto voluntary contribution by OSM contributors/volunteers. Currently, the effort to increase the numbers and impacts that OSM contributors could give to OpenStreetMap is facilitated either by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) that is based in Indonesia, or in USA. However, nothing could guarantee that HOT could exist eternally. Therefore, we have to understand that the future of OpenStreetMap as an open and free digital map platform relies heavily on the OSM communities’ sustainability throughout the world.

So far, OpenStreetMap Community of Indonesia (Komunitas OpenStreetMap Indonesia) has already existed within the online world, especially on Facebook. Nonetheless, to ensure the sustainability of this community, routine offline meeting is something that we need to attempt. That is why; HOT Indonesia is going to hold the first meet up of OpenStreetMap Community of Indonesia in Jakarta. The specific date and location will be released once the minimum quota of twenty persons is fulfilled.

Through this meet up, we hope the OSM contributors would get to know each other personally. Also, they could manage to start a routine event together, especially mapping party. If you are an OSM contributor in Indonesia, or interested in contributing to OSM, please join the meet up through this meetup link. When you open the page, you will only need to log in with your Facebook account, and click join.

Let’s meet up and map, shall we?