Contingency Plan Development in Makassar

City of Makassar is the capital city of Sout Sulawesi province located in the west coast of Sulawesi, as the entrance gate of Eastern Indonesia made the city of Makassar greatly developed especially in the economic field. Its location in the coastal making the city of Makassar can not separated from the floods.

[osm_map lat=”-5.12″ long=”119.442″ zoom=”14″ width=”600″ height=”450″ marker=”-5.11875,119.44831″ marker_name=”wpttemp-red.png”]

The floods almost every year hit the city of Makassar and provide substantial losses. This is caused the land use changes such as dense settlement, worst drainage, and water runoff from the highland (Maros and Gowa). In some areas located in the coastal also affected by flood.

Therefore, the regional disaster management agency (BPBD) makes contingency plan preparation facilitate by AIFDR. The importance of contingency plan made in order to estimate the impact when the disaster occurs and reduce the risk of disaster like the fatalities. Preparation of contingency plans for the first time conducted in the city of Makassar, arrangement will be helped by OSM, QGIS and InaSAFE. Stages of contingency plan preparation consist 9 like the chart below.


Some of the first stages have been implemented, training and workshop-1 about the contingency plan development in Makassar held on 27 – 30 August 2013 at Pantai Gapura Hotel with participants coming from BPBD Kota Makassar, BPBD of Sulawesi Selatan Province, Kodim, Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran, Bappeda, Basarnas, Dinas Kesehatan, Dinas Pendidikan, Dinas PU, PMI Makassar, UNHAS, and Police. In the above flow has reached the 3rd stage. In the workshop-1 the contingency plan development using the flood scenarios in January, the flood areas is 3.489,49 Ha covering 28 Sub Districts affected by flood. The results obtained by using InaSAFE where the hazard data from BPBD and the exposure data from OpenSreetMap, there are 15.408 of the affected buildings and 70.000 people affected by flood.

Bangunan terdampak banjir fiks

The result of workshop-1 is the participants included the development of contingency plan as the Drafting Team-0 for the contingency plan document. Here are the names of the drafting team are

1) BPBD Makassar (determined internally by BPBD):

  • Jusman
  • Muh. Danibal
  • Syahruddin
  • Amran Kudus
  • Mansur Nuntung
  • Nur Hidayat
  • Gamal
  • Indra

2) Representatives of Sector/Cluster:

  • Post : Kapten Deby Irawan (Kodim)
  • Planning : Irwan (Bappeda)
  • Operation – SAR : Zainal Asa’ad (Basarnas)
  • Operation – Helath : dr. Norman (Dinas Kesehatan)
  • Operation – Education : Abdullah (Dinas Pendidikan)
  • Operation – Facilities and Infrastructure : Baharuddin (Dinas PU)
  • Logistic and Equipment : Taufik Jaya (Dinas Damkar) & Gafur (PMI Makassar)

3). Reprentatives of Academic :

  • Dr. Mukhsan Putra Hatta (FT UNHAS)
  • Dr. Isra Wahid (FK UNHAS)

The 4th stage should currently being conducted because the drafting team must complete the draft-0 of contingency plan document before the workshop-2 performed. In the next stage is the 5th stage for the workshop-2 of contingency plan document development predicted time is scheduled in October 2013. Where in the workshop-2 are expected the drafting team has completed the draft of contingency plan with the flood scenarios in January 2013.

The 5th stage will be the field survey for data verification, data validation and updating data of the hazard and exposure data focused in 28 sub district affected by flood.