Participatory Mapping Dagesime Magepanda Watershed

Community based participatory mapping is a series activities held by HOT in the event of supporting Min Funding program which conducted by KARINA Jogya and Caritas Keuskupan Mamumere (CKM) with support from several organization outside HOT such as, Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera (YBTS), Rain Foundation, and Indonesian Red Cross. Every organizations have their own program to support creating document for manage Dagesime Magepanda watershed. HOT conducted mapping to collect spring water location and condition, household mapping, disaster prone area, and administrative boundary. This mapping activity involved local community from each village and also their government people from each village, worked together to create a map that free accessible for everyone with using OpenStreetMap as platform, QGIS for opensourcec GIS software and Ushahidi.

More information:

  1. OpenStreetMap
  2. Ushahidi