Activation Curriculum Sprint with HOT Volunteer in Washington DC

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Activation Curriculum Team in Action!

Activation Curriculum Team in Action!

In 27 April – 2 Mei 2015. HOT Indonesia have chance to send their staff, Adityo Dwijananto, to went to Washington DC in order to join Activation Curriculum Sprint and also the first HOT’s Conference, HOT Summit (post related to HOT Summit). This Activation Curriculum Sprint held from  27-29 April 2015.

Before we talk more about activation curriculum, i will tell you about  activation.

HOT Activation is a concept held by HOT related to how OpenStreetMap used in order to respone a disaster. Have you contribute in Tasking Manager? Have you try to do some task in Tasking Manager with high-level priority such as Nepal’s Earthquake, Ebola Outbreak, and Haiyan Typhoon. They are some examples of activation which HOT did before. In this activation phase, HOT ask OpenStreetMap community to help map affected area using tasking manager. Beside that, HOT also give several update related to disaster and how much data collected so far through various channel such as Email, Forum, Blog and Wiki. In each activation, there’s coordinator that can be contacted to ask question and update about the activation. The duration for each activation is vary. It can be a week or even several month acording to type of disaster, whether sudden on-set disaster or slow on-set disaster.

Wiki for Nepal Earthquake

Wiki for Nepal Earthquake

Nowadays, there are a lot of event that need to held some activation but the resources are limited. Based on that statement, HOT create some curriculum about activation to teach OpenStreetMap volunteer that want to join and held HOT activities. This curriculum sprint got help from Allen Gunner Allen Gunner, executive director from Aspiration Tech, to facilitate the sprint for 3 days. This activation curriculum sprint invite several HOT’s volunteer from several countires: Benoit Fournier / Althio (France), Rafael Coya (Spain), Mhairi Ohara (Indonesia), Adityo Dwijananto (Indonesia), Russell Deffner (Colorado), Cristiano Giovando (California), Mikel Maron (Washington), dan Blake Girardot (Switzerland).

In the first day, we did brainstorming related to what is activation and what are needed in order to run activation. This activity lead by Allen Gunner and started by divided into smaller group to write any questions or statements related to activation in post-it notes. After that, we gathered the result and started to categorize each same questions and statements into several categories, e.g communication, data, coordinator and activation. The next step was small group discussion again to discuss what material needed for each categories and what’s activation’s steps based on previous activation. In the of the day, the backbone, materials needed and also activation steps was finished.


Post-It Notes from Brainstorming Activity

In the next day, we divided into two large groups. First group was explain about activation steps into description and narrative format. Second group have task to think what material will given, description, aim for each materials and helpful links related to the documents. That was the activities for a whole second day. But in the middle of the activities, Allenn Gunner gathered the teams to discuss what already done and if there’s any difficulties we need to discuss it with the whole group, and we also discuss what is our aims for that day.

In the last day, Allen Gunner gathered again the group to discuss what already done in the past day, whether description of activation or the material of the curriculum. After discussion finished, Allen started to brainstorming again to discuss what is not explained/discussed from activation curriculum and activation description. This brainstorming aim to looking what is not finished and then we need to finished in the rest of the day, without look how far the progress of the job (whether is already done or not). In the end of the sprint, Allen Gunner asked to everyone what we already achieved in the three days and what are the problems that we faced.

After the curriculum sprint, HOT volunteer go to the next event, HOT Summit conference that held in the same location as the Activation Curriculum Sprint. The rest of activation curriculum will be finish by Russell Deffner as Curriculum Specialist from HOT with consider what we already did in curriculum sprint in the last three days.