Data Validation and Tasking Manager Training with BNPB

This training is one of the activities devised in the spatial data collection of disaster management priority areas, organized by BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency) as stated in the RPJMN (The National Medium Term Development Plan) Year 2015-2019. This training is the result of collaboration between Disaster Management Innovation (DMInnovation), Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and BNPB, consisting of the Deputy of Prevention and Preparedness, consisting of 3 directorates, which are the Disaster Risks Reduction (PRB), Empowerment (PM) and Preparedness (KS). The objective of this training is to give guidance and technical skills to participants in mapping, starting from inputting the data up to the validation process in the field, as well as in preparing projects in 136 priority cities/districts. The facilitators are from the HOT and DMInnovation, with 9 participants from the three aforementioned directorates: PRB, PM and KS.

The training was conducted for two days, August 25-26 August 2016 from 09.00-16.00 WIB. Substantive materials were presented in the first day so the participants can map accurately in the OSM and the data gathered and validated has standardized quality, sufficient as the pivotal information source in the Disaster Management Activities / RPJMN Year 2015-2019. Besides, the participants were enabled to have the capacity to spread the trained knowledge to both their fellow BNPB officials and to other relevant stakeholders working together with BNPB in collecting data as well as in supporting other activities in disaster management in 136 priority cities/districts in RPJMN 2015-2019, such as the universities, among others.

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Training Situation

In the second day, participants were trained to create mapping projects for the 136 priority cities/districts in accordance with Disaster Management Activity RPJMN Year 2015-2019. The selection of the project areas was based on the decision of the Deputy Head of Preparedness and Prevention for each directorate PRB, PM and KS. 


Facilitators and Participants’ Group Picture