Establishment Point of Interest (POI) Training in Flood Prone Areas Pluit Village, Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and also the largest city in Indonesia. It is home to more than 10 million people with a wide range and complex problems that plagued the city. One issue that always plagued Jakarta is flood. The last flood hits Jakarta occurred in January 2013, where nearly 50% percent of the population affected by the flood and resulted in 12 deaths. It is calculated that the loss is up to 20 trillion rupiah.

One of the flood prone areas  in Jakarta is Pluit village. Pluit village is located approximately 1.5 meters below sea level. In Pluit there is Pluit reservoir, which is not functioning properly to channel the river water to the sea, adding another reason why Pluit village become one of the flood prone area in Jakarta.

From these problem the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia in cooperation with UNESCO held a Point of Interest (POI) establishment training in Pluit Village which aims to gather important information related to flood such as shelter, public kitchen, evacuation routes, logistics posts and other community-based objects to increase public awareness of the area to minimize the impact and damage caused by flood.

Before the training, Coordination Meeting was held on September 18th, 2013 with HOT, UNESCO, Pluit Village and the participants. The participants consist of representatives from each RW, Karang Taruna and municipal police in Pluit Village. In this event we agreed about training dates, implementation of field survey, division of the survey area and field survey group.

From Coordination Meeting it is decided that the training is divided into 2 session : Introduction of POI and OpenStreetMap (OSM), on September 25th, 2013 and data input session on October 2nd, 2013. For the field survey, there are 3 areas, Muara Karang, Pluit and Muara Angke.

coordination meeting

  • 1st Training Session (Wednesday, September 25th 2013)

Training begins with UNESCO and POI introduction session by Ms. Nina Marlena as UNESCO representative and after that the introduction of HOT and OSM. Next it was followed by GPS and Field Papers materials. On GPS and Field Papers materials, the participants also did short practice around the Pluit village office as well as a “warm up” before they collect POI in field survey. The last material is Introduction of Photovoice and CrowdMap.

Perkenalan Pelatihan POI oleh Mbak Nina Marlena
Introduction of POI training by Nina Marlena
  • Collecting POI Survey (September 27-29th 2013)

After the 1st training, participants were collecting POI in their respective territories. As for the type of POI to be taken consist of:

  1. School (Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, University, College, etc)
  2. Health Facillities
  3. Place of Worship
  4. Sport Center
  5. Goverment Office (Sub district, village, rw)
  6. Harbour
  7. Traditional Market
  8. Supermarket/Convenience Store
  9. Dike
  10. Pump House
  11. Electricity Tower
  12. Landfill
  13. Hydrant
  14. Culverts

POI Collection Survey first held in Friday, September 27th 2013 in Muara Karang. The participants are consist of 4 groups of representative from RW, Karang Taruna and Satpol PP. Muara Karang Area itself consist of 9 RW. These RW are RW 02,03,08, 12,13,14,15,17,18.

Survei Pengambilan POI di Wilayah Muara Karang
POI Collection Survey at Muara Karang area

The second day of POI Collection Survey was held in Saturday, September 28th 2013 in Pluit. The participants are consist of 4 groups of representative from RW, Karang Taruna and Satpol PP. Pluit area consist of 7 RW. These RW  are RW 04,05,06,07,09,16 and 19.

Survei Pengambilan POI di Wilayah Pluit
POI Collection Survey at Pluit area

The third day of POI Collection Survey was held in Sunday, September 29th, 2013 in Muara Angke. The participants are consist of 4 groups of representative from RW and Karang Taruna. Muara Angke area consist of 4 RW. These RW are RW 01, 11, 20 dan 21.

Survei Pengambilan POI di Muara Angke
POI Collection Survey at Muara Angke area
  • 2nd Training Session(Wednesday, Oktober 2nd, 2013)

After collecting all data in the field, participants inputted their data which is collected through GPS and Field Papers into OSM and CrowdMap. The materials in this training focuses on how to input POI data into OSM using Java OpenStreetMap Aplication (JOSM) and CrowdMap. After the participants inputted their data, the last session in this training is the closing ceremony by Secretary of Pluit village as a representative from Pluit village office.

Tampilan Hasil Survei di JOSM
Screenshot of Field Survey Data in JOSM
Tampilan hasil survei di CrowdMap
Screenshot of survey data in CrowdMap

You can see the POI Collection at Pluit Village  here and for the pictures that have been taken in Crowdmap you can access it at