OpenStreetMap and InaSAFE at The 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting

Indonesia has been declared as disaster laboratory, which means it is mandatory for us to have efficient and effective disaster and prevention plans. Thus, Indonesia Disaster Experts Association (IABI) and National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) continued to gather Indonesia’s finest disaster researchers, scientists, and experts annually. For the third time, Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) on 23 – 24 May 2016 was held, this time in Bandung, Jawa Barat, precisely in Aula Barat, Aula Timur, and Campus Center of Bandung Technology Institute (ITB). The event focused on discussing disaster risk reduction (DRR) with different perspectives and approaches, such as agglomeration, risk warning, and risk communication. Indicators of the context refer to a formulation of absolute risk and emerging risk, that is expected as consensus at the end of the meeting. the indicators are embedded on a definition of risk so that they are influence on approaches and strategy for DRR in Indonesia.

This year, PIT assigned “DRR New Paradigm, Roles, and Position in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” as their theme. In the meeting, various events are held such as national seminar, discussion, exhibition and field visit. Key speakers are from BNPB, Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and researchers from IABI. Disaster Management Innovation (DMI) and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia also took the opportunity to participate in the exhibition and ignite stage. Opened at 10.00 AM by General Secretary of BNPB, Ir. Dody Ruswandi MSCE, the event’s exhibition were participated by more than 40 organizations. 


Exhibition & Ignite Stage Gate

DMI and HOT Indonesia’s participation was intented to promote InaSAFE and OpenStreetMap (OSM) to community and even other disaster experts as an efficient tools to manage disaster in Indonesia, in its pre-disaster (preparedness), during disaster (emergency response), even post-disaster ( rehabilitation and reconstruction). DMI- HOT Indonesia booth was displaying many information to understand the use, function and benefits of InaSAFE. The booth also gave some results examples from cities and provinces of where InaSAFE was used, in which visitor could see the video tutorials or even trying the demo of the plugin. DMI – HOT was also giving out merchandise to attract the visitors which also helped to promote InaSAFE and OpenStreetMap. One of the most famous merchandise was the CD which included InaSAFE, QGIS, disaster data, and modules to help people in using InaSAFE by their own.


DMI – HOT Indonesia – InaSAFE Booth

The visitors of the booth were mostly college students which were all eager to learn about InaSAFE for its used is making them finish their college paper and tasks easier. In ignite stage, the Secretary General of BNPB was also fascinated by the function of InaSAFE,  wishing for it to be used more in every city in Indonesia, especially where it’s prone to disasters. He also hoped DMI and HOT to be patient when sharing and teaching InaSAFE to the authority of small cities for it is harder for them to keep up today’s technology.