OSM, QGIS and InaSAFE for Tsunami Contingency Plan in Ambon City

This training was a series of preparation of Contingency Plans Tsunami activities in Ambon City. This training was a collaboration between the City Local Disaster Managemen Agency (BPBD) of Maluku Province, BPBD of Ambon City, BPBD of Central Maluku District, Mercy Corps, Disaster Management Innovation (DMI) and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia. The main focus for this training was to teach participants process to use data spatial from the beginning. Participant will be teach how to collect spatial data in  the field using OpenStreetMap then  produce the data using QGIS and InaSAFE until it is ready to use for their Tsunami Contingency Plans. This training was held for five days from June 20 until  June 24, 2016 in Data and Operational Centre Building, BPBD of Maluku Province and attended by 25 participants from a wide range of agencies and organizations such as BPBD of Maluku province, BPBD of Ambon City, BPBD of Central Maluku district, PMI, Basarnas, ESDM, Indonesia Military, Indonesia Police and Health Department.

input data

Day 1 until day 3 of training the participants were taughted about OpenStreetMap (OSM) training material. The purpose is to teach participants to collect data in the field with surveying and digital digitizing using OpenStreetMap. The focus of objects that collected in the field are public facilities and critical points such as the evacuation and refugee camps. Then, on day 4,  participants were taughted  how to process those data that have been gathered in the field up to become a map that ready to print using QGIS software. Day 5 of training, participants were taughted using InaSAFE to create some scenarios about impact of  Tsunami in Ambon City for some exposure data such as building, infrastructure, roads, land use and population. The results of InaSAFE then expected to assist BPBD of Maluku Province and BPBD of Ambon City to make Tsunami Contingency Plan in Ambon City.


Some flaws that may occured in this training was schedule of training being shorten as some participants were fasting. Hence, the training started late and finished early. In addition, some technical factors such as laptop problems which sometimes hang and unstable internet connections found in some participants. However, overall, this training went well. All material delivered properly to the participants and they follow the training seriously and enthusiastically. The participants also succeeded in making Evacuation Map of Ambon City and several scenarios Tsunami in Ambon using InaSAFE. This training closed by photo session for all facilitators and participants.

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