Cool OSM Sites

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Using OpenStreetMap is now not only limited to just the site   There are currently various other websites related to OpenStreetMap. These sites not only provide convenience to its users to retrieve specific OSM data, but also provide a wide range of features to the users of OpenStreetMap to see anything else related to OpenStreetMap as will be explained below.

The first site is the Best of OSM. On this site you can see examples of the mapped area with a very nice and some other interesting areas, such as the selection of Best of OSM, there are some areas like Prague, Rio de Janeiro, and Helsinki, which is one example of areas that have been mapped with a very good . Then the choice of interesting places we can also look like Alcatraz Island, Guantanamo Bay, and Dubai. This site may be encouraging us to continue our regional map, with the hope of eventually could have an area we can enter into the list of areas that have been mapped properly.

The second site is Who did it. This site provides information anyone who has contributed to map an area, how many points, lines and polygons are created, and how the changes that have occurred. In addition we can also know which areas have changed by us or other users in a few weeks, months, half a year or more.

Then the last site is the site OSM Stats. This site provides developments that occurred in OpenStreetMap, such as the development of the number of users, data development, and ranking the country who have been using OpenStreetMap. On this site you can see that the number of users continues to increase OpenStreetMap each day and this is also in line with the amount of data continues to increase daily. Meanwhile, the choice of the state, on October 1, 2012 Indonesia entered the country ranked 11th in the ranks of countries OpenStreetMap users around the world.

There are many other interesting sites related to OpenStreetMap. Some of these sites may help us to retrieve data OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap maps to see a comparison with other services. Let us introduce OpenStreetMap to friends and relatives close to us and let us do the mapping in Indonesia Indonesia to rise into the ranks of the top 10 ranking of countries OpenStreetMap users around the world.