Define Route in OpenStreeMap Website

Route Direction from a location to other location is one of main feature that we can find in most of web digital map application. We have know in OpenStreetMap website there is search location feature and we can add our data into OpenStreetMap. But where the route direction feature?? This thing has been a ‘mystery’ so far especially for those that using OpenStreetMap website

Fortunately, in early 2015 this feature finally showed in the website. We can use this feature to find route direction from a location to other location in OpenStreetMap. These steps below will show you how to  find route in OpenStreetMap website :

  1. Open OpenStreetMap website at
  2. In left top corner of the website you can click blue arrow icon next to search box.  screenshoot awal
  3. After click the icon there is a panel box showing up in your left screen :direction box
  4. To define starting point please type your object/location in box labeled “From” and for destination point you can also type your object/location in box labeled  ”To”. Here is the example :direction

If you little bit hard to find your location by type it or your location/object have not mapped in OpenStreetMap, you can directly drag Green pin to define your Starting Point and Red pin to define your Destination Point so the result will look like this :koordinat

5. We also can pick our transportation that used to go to our destination point. Whether we use car, bycyle or by foot we can choose it in the box.

pilihan moda6. If you finished pick your transportation then you can click Go and you will see your suggestion route on left screen of OpenStreetMap website


 Notes :

The result of this feature might be not really accurate especially in time estimation. It happens because the traffic information such as traffic light have not added in that area yet.  However this was deliberate attempt to empower users even people who does not know about OpenStreetMap to join and can add the data in OpenStreetMap. Weird?? not really. Because the concept of OpenStreetMap is a free and open map so everyone can join as user and can contribute in it to increase the quality and quantity of OSM so indirectly it will effect OSM data to going up one more level in terms of its quality for routing.