Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community MeetUp 2014

The very first Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community MeetUp went quite well. Although there were 22 persons RSVP-ed yes for this MeetUp, only 13 of them who showed up on the D-Day. Those 13 persons are Priadharma, Eka, Raharjo, Tiolas, Amin, Kate, Yantisa, Vasanthi, Adityo, Harry, Kristen, dan Sindhunata.


The Thirteen Faces who Attended the MeetUp 

The MeetUp was opened by Sindhunata with short welcoming words. Then Yantisa Akhadi stepped up to give opening words, as to why HOT decided to start this MeetUp. After that, Harry Mahardika took over the event by playing some videos, such as the introduction to OSM video and OSM digitalization video all over the world and Indonesia.

While playing the Video, Harry explained the difference between OSM and HOT to the others. Also about the hope to see Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community can finally exists in long-term with or without HOT. This long-term existence of Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community is very important to sustain the practice of open digital mapping.


Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community Discussion

After some videos were played, we held a discussion about the needs and motivation of each person who was there. Various concerns were articulated during this discussion, such as the development of OpenStreetMap to a new platform like digital transportation map, the comparison of OpenStreetMap and the other digital map platform, putting OpenStreetMap to senior high school curriculum, the usage of OpenStreetMap for open government purpose, and the potential of OpenStreetMap to support the Smart City concept.


OSM Indonesia T-Shirt For All!

Further, a video created by Harry and Sindhunata was played. The video is about the messages to Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community and HOT Indonesia from the FOSS4G-Asia participants.  The video was created specially to be screened on this event. Once the video screening was done, the discussion went again. The topic was about the next step that Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community should do after that MeetUp. Some ideas came up to surface, such as mapathon to get general information related to building names in Jakarta Business District, also hotels in Jakarta tourism area, etc. At the end, apart from our different need and motivation, we agreed that we should meet routinely and get into some relevant activity together.

Therefore, next time we will try to initiate a mapathon in 2015. See you soon!