Community MeetUp: Mapathon for Karangetang

“‘Karangetang has been coughing at night. On the top of the mountain, you can see the bright lava,’ says Wenny Dulag Kansil, Siau resident, Tuesday, March 10th 2015.” (Source)

Karangetang volcano is located in Siau Tagulandang Biaro (Sitaro) district, North Sulawesi. In the past days, Karangetang has been spewing lava from its top. It seems like the volcano activity would increase as day goes by. Since February 21st 2015, HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) has been working together with various parties to provide the Karangetang task in OSM Tasking Manager, you can access it in here. Through the MapGive project, Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) from U. S. Department of State has given the OpenStreetMap Community access to relevant satellite imagery.

Even though the task has been created for some weeks, the rates of data contributed looks unpromising. When this post was written, there was no contributor added any single object to the area in the past 10 days. Therefore, HOT alongside Indonesia OpenStreetMap Community will hold a Mapathon in our monthly MeetUp. This event will be held on March, 22nd 2015. As usual, you can see the details and register on the MeetUp OSM ID page.



Mapathon Karangetang

Note that you will need your laptop (it would be better with JOSM already installed) and a mouse (unless, you are a touchpad ninja). If you don’t know how to add objects in OpenStreetMap, HOT trainers will attend this event, and would love to give you a cool crash-course on adding objects to OpenStreetMap!

See you on March 22nd 2015!