OSM Mapping Competition in East Kalimantan

Finally…!! After waiting for some time, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia successfully held Digital Mapping Competition using OpenStreetMap. Yep, you did not mishear. It was a COMPETITION not a training.

This competition was a follow-up of OpenStreetMap training in Samarinda in 22nd to 24th June 2015. This activity goal is to complete object and information for public facilities in East Kalimantan especially in Samarinda and Tenggarong. Hence, those objects and information are also used as a baseline for the manufacture of articles for wikipedia in East Kalimantan.

This competition was a joint project between HOT Indonesia and Wikimedia Indonesia which funded by Making All Voices Count (MAVC). The goal is to provide online information about public facilities in Borneo island especially in East Kalimantan which could help people easily access and use the information to further needs such as regional development, social economic and disaster management.

To make those description more clear to you.. Here’s a brief scheme activities for the competition:

brief scheme

The summary of above’s scheme is about how data that has been collected and added into OpenStreetMap will be selected and then used for wikipedia, so when people search for public facilities in East Kalimantan using OpenStreetMap, they not only can find the object but also its URL of wikipedia, and vice versa. It would be easier for people to get good information about the spatial information/location or the type and specific information of the object. Examples of the result as follows:

contoh hasil

This competition was followed by 7 participants from 3 Universities in East Kalimantan. They are Mulawarman University, SPB Airlangga, and Samarinda State Polytechnic. Those participants contained 1 participant from the Samarinda State Polytechnic, 3 participants from Mulawarman University, and 3 participants of SPB Airlangga.

This competition was held for 37 days, starting from 25th June until 31st July 2015 which was divided into 4 weeks. Competition area were located in two cities: Samarinda and Tenggarong. For many objects that could be mapped, there are some objects that were required to be mapped and to have URLs. Those objects were:

-) Education Facilities: Schools and Madrasah, Colleges and Universities

-) Health Facility : Hospital

-) Social facilities : Government Office (Provincial and District Level), Mosque, Church, Temple, Market

From that time span, they mapped as many as 5025 buildings and 140 roads.

The details are as follows :

  1. 580 Public Facilities with Mandatory Reference.
  2. 2223 Public Facilities without Mandatory Reference
  3. 96 General Facilities  without Mandatory reference
  4. 159 Public Facilities with reference (not mandatory)

Mapping competition had increased the overall number of buildings in East Kalimantan, which is shown by the graph below:

number buildings

Number of buildings has increased very significantly in East Kalimantan in July and August 2015 which are months of the competition. Building has increased  from 2,427 in June to 12,478 buildings at the end of the July 2015. It shows a positive development for data of buildings, especially public facilities. Samarinda and Tenggarong are well mapped in terms of quantity and quality. Here’s the differences in some areas before and after the competition.

before ftee 1

before ftee 2

The winners of this competition are Slamet Widodo as 1st Winner and Riska Riya Wati as 2nd Winner. Both of them are from SPB Airlangga. In addition to the winners, other participants that are finished until the end of the competition will get a Certificate and also a gift from the committee. The prize is planned to be given to participant in mid of September 2015. The following are some documentation of competition activities.

gambar perbandingan

kegiatan kompetisi

Congratulations to the participants and winners. Hope they will still contribute to OpenStreetMap for Indonesia, especially in East Kalimantan. Happy Mapping 😀