InaSAFE Socialisation to BPBD Representatives

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In this occasion, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia (HOT) was given the opportunity to introduce InaSAFE to some representatives of BPBD in Indonesia . The socialisation includes an explanation of what is InaSAFE and its function in disaster management and a brief practice how to use InaSAFE . This socialisation is included in series of events in the Disaster Management Training which held by BNPB from November 6 – May 9, 2014 in BNPB Training and Education Center, Sentul, West Java

This activity began with a pre-test to the participants to determine whether they already knew or used InaSAFE before. This then proceeded with the presentation about understanding InaSAFE , the concept, function and features of InaSAFE that can be used in the InaSAFE itself. This was followed by an introduction and practice using a simple QGIS and followed by a brief practice using InaSAFE. In the practice using QGIS and InaSAFE, the participants were divided into 3 groups where each group consisted of 12-13 people and where each group was guided by one trainer of HOT. The socialisation was then closed with a post-test to the participants. In general the participants thought that InaSAFE can greatly assist in disaster management as well as easy to use. However, some participants argued that InaSAFE is still difficult to be used by them .

Overall, this socialisation went smoothly and the participants were enthusiastic in following each session. There were smooth presentation sessions and practice sessions together. The participants hoped that this socialisation can be continued in the future so that participants can better understand and can be given in-depth training to use InaSAFE in their area.