OpenStreetMap Discussion at Knowledge House, SatuDunia

On Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was invited as a speaker on 2nd Knowledge House Discussion, held by SatuDunia. The event was located in SatuDunia office in Tebet, South Jakarta. The goal is to introduce OpenStreetMap (OSM) and its potential application on organizations work. The event was scheduled to start at 10am, yet the participants already arrived starting from 9.30am therefore a small informal discussion in started. Not long after that, more than 10 participants from various institutions such as National Commission on Violence against Women, Dompet Dhuafa, The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation and Erotics Indonesia were arrive and ready to engage in the discussion room.

The discussion was opened by opening speech from Anwar Natari as SatuDunia representative. Next, Yantisa Akhadi from HOT lead the discussion into two main sessions. The first session focused on OSM, what it is, what was the state of quality assurance and privacy issue in OSM, comparison with other online map and OSM activities in Indonesia. Some participants discuss variety of issues, both positive and negative aspect from OSM. Another participant having concern on protecting private data to be displayed on OSM. Other participant responded by making separated database secured with password.

Yantisa Akhadi (HOT) sedang memberikan pemaparan seputar OSM

Yantisa Akhadi (HOT) explaining OSM to the participants

On the second session, the focus is on OSM application. Here, it was shown how easy is it to contribute to OSM and also OSM-based application on the various smartphone platform. Another hot topic in this session is OSM based Crowdmapping using Ushahidi. Some of the participants apparently already familiar using Ushahidi in their own project, although they use Google Map as the base map. From here, discussion grows into OSM potentials on Ushahidi platform, how updated information on the OSM will enrich the community report through Ushahidi.

Discussion participants listening attentively

Discussion participants listening attentively

When the event officially closed, some of the participants prefer to stay to enjoy the lunch and continuing the discussion on existing challenges in their institution up until 2pm.