Community MeetUp Mapathon: #Map4PNK #OSM_IDMAPATHON

OpenStreetMap Indonesia Community held the second monthly MeetUp at HOT Office in Jakarta, Indonesia. This time, we conducted six-hours mapathon. The mapathon was attended by ten persons, including two representatives from HOT in Indonesia. Some of the people who came had no idea about OpenStreetMap and how to contribute to it, so Ranie Dwi Anugrah (HOT Trainer) gave them a crash course of how to contribute to OpenStreetMap using iD Editor and JOSM.

HOT designed a special task in Pontianak City (West Kalimantan, Indonesia) for this mapathon. HOT selected Kalimantan because HOT is currently working with Wikimedia Indonesia and Making All Voices Count for a collaboration project in East and South Kalimantan. As a part of this project, the local students will be trained to map in OpenStreetMap. HOT does not want to leave the other part of Kalimantan uncharted. Therefore, as suggested by Arief (Wikimedia Indonesia, OpenStreetMap  Community Indonesia) on the community Facebook group,  HOT picked another city outside East and South Kalimantan. Pontianak, which is the capital of West Kalimantan was picked since it is seen as one of the most important cities in Kalimantan.

During the mapathon, we faced several problems. The most classic problem was of course the low-resolution satellite imagery (Bing). We also had problem in finishing the whole task, because it was designed for fourteen mappers, but turned out six persons decided not to come even though they RSVP-ed “Yes.” At the end of the mapathon, we measured how many map changes that we had made that day. Using #OSM_IDMAPATHON and #MAP4PNK hashtags, we made +35.000 map changes.

Quite a lot, no?

Map Changes Mapathon 25 Januari 2015

Are you going for the next MeetUp? 🙂