Top Six Regions with OpenStreetMap data in Asia

It’s been 10,5 years since OpenStreetMap project was firstly founded as a local project. However, as day went by, OpenStreetMap had become an ambitious global level project. More people are attracted to the idea of OpenStreetMap and have started their days as OSM contributors. Until Mid-Februari 2015, there are around 1,9 millions registered contributors in OpenStreetMap (OSM Data Statistic). Consequently, the size of OpenStreetMap data has been growing quite significantly.

The size of the data in one country differs from the other countries. It depends on the charted objects within its territory. There are three kind of objects in OpenStreetMap, nodes, lines, and polygons. These three kind of objects are what basically constitute the OpenStreetMap, they are the raw data.

Six Top Regions with Most OpenStreetMap Data in Asia

Top Six Regions with most OpenStreetMap data in Asia

So far, Indonesia is the fifth country with most OpenStreetMap data in Asia. Here is the detailed ranking and the amount of data:

  1. Rusia (part Asia) → 957 Mb
  2. Jepang → 954 Mb
  3. Cina → 176 Mb
  4. India → 170 Mb
  5. Indonesia → 127 Mb
  6. Filipina → 108 Mb

**the size is in .pbf / Protocolbuffer Binary Format (an alternative format of XMLi ). Source: Geofabrik

The first position is occupied by Russia (Asia part) with 957 Mb amount of data. Its vast territory explains the large amount of OpenStreetMap data. However, larger territory does not always mean large amount of OpenStreetMap data. See Japan for example, its territory is just 1/45 of Russia territory, yet it is only 3 Mb away from Russia in term of OpenStreetMap data.

If we look closely to the both countries, we can also observe that in Russia the density of OpenStreetMap data can only be seen among big cities area, while in Japan it seems like almost the whole land has been charted by OpenStreetMap contributors. Furthermore, in Japan, they also chart the land-use like farm, residential, forest, industry, etc.

Meanwhile in China, with second biggest area in Asia, it only has 176 Mb of OpenStreetMap data. China is similar like Russia, it is mostly charted only in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzen.

I think it is clear that we cannot conclude that the amount of data in a country correlates positively with the amount of contributor from that country, as OpenStreetMap is a global platform that is so borderless everyone can add new object in any part of the earth. However, we can’t deny that people tend to chart their area before moving to the other part of the earth.

There are still plenty of places that have not been charted yet in Indonesia, if you want to see Indonesia on the top of the ranking, let’s start routinely map Indonesia!