In commemoration of osmgeoweek, on November 14 to 21 2015, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team conducted a Mapathon activities followed by 100 communities in various countries with a total of 1,300 mapper. Mapathon is participatory mapping activities in an area that requires map and priorities in the disaster area. To participate in the osmgeoweek, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia in collaboration with the Wikimedia Indonesia has held mapping Rinjani Volcano in the disaster area.

Rinjani Volcano is the highest volcano in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and one of active volcanoes in Indonesia. On October 28, 2015 Barujari Volcano which is part of the experience Rinjani Volcano eruption, which until now its status is still at Level II (alert). The mountain is located around densely populated residences and only slightly mapped. Therefore, the mapathon is expected to map surrounding region of Rinjani Volcano and fully focused on mapping of buildings and road infrastructure.

Rinjani Volcano Mapathon on 21 November 2015 was held in the Office of Wikimedia Indonesia, with 10 participants. The participants came from Wikimedia Indonesia, Ford Foundation, and PT Reka Desindo Mandiri. Mapathon started with a basic level of OSM training such as  OSM introduction, Editor iD operation, the operation of JOSM, and the use of Tasking Manager.

rinjani training
Mapathon Activity

After training, the activities continued with Mapathon Rinjani Volcano using Tasking Manager. Mapathon activities carried out by Tasking Manager to map an area in an organized manner. Mechanism using Tasking Manager, each participant can take one grid to digitize and edit buildings such as well roads using JOSM.

Tasking Manager Gunungapi Rinjani
Tasking Manager  Rinjani Volcano

For OSM users who could not attend the training, they could still participate in activities with the remote mapathon using Tasking Manager. The result of Rinjani Volcano mapathon activities are impressive, a total of 2.629 buildings, 11.223 nodes, 2.679 lines, and 29 roads were mapped. You can see the results on the website by searching #rinjanimapping on website

Peserta Mapathon
The participants of Mapathon Activity