Involvement of Scout Community in Disaster Preparedness through Open Mapping and OpenStreetMap Utilization

The Scout Movement is one of the communities that play a significant role in impacting various humanitarian activities in Indonesia. Besides having an organized network and system, it also has a very large number of members with different levels, some of which are based on the education system levels in Indonesia. Therefore, the involvement of the Scout Movement in various humanitarian activities is systematic and reaches various levels of society. Furthermore, their collaboration with various other humanitarian organizations makes humanitarian activities more comprehensive and targeted.

Enhancing Youth Participation in the Development of Bandung City through Ushahidi Platform

Over a year, the Safe and Sound Cities (S2Cities) program has been implemented in Bandung City. This program aims to increase youth participation in building a safe and comfortable Bandung City for their future. With this concept, youth are actively involved, even influencing the decision-making processes for urban development policies. There are many ways in which youth can contribute to this process, ranging from small-scale initiatives to larger ones. Individual youth, as well as youth communities in Bandung, also can participate in this program.